Skywalker Trampolines really are a premium and well-received for a long time. The organization is devoted to construct safe and quality trampolines not just for children but additionally sturdy enough for adults to savor the bouncing fun. The brand new Skywalker Trampolines 15-Ft Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline includes a soft basketball hoop safe enough for children yet fun enough for the entire family. It'll keep the family safe and entertained for many years.

Additionally towards the new basketball hoop feature, the 15-Ft Jump N’Dunk trampoline adheres towards the consistent top quality by Skywalker trampolines.

It features patented No-Gap Enclosure System, reinforced frame built by galvanized steel T-socket construction, a thick Ultra violet-protected spring pad, 96 tightly coiled rust-resistant 6.5-inch springs, along with a dual closure system. Without doubt it's nice quality trampoline all-round to savor for a long time.

Best Trampoline

** หมายเหตุ เสริมที่นอน  ได้ห้องละ 1ท่าน   
ท่านละ 350บาท(มี.ค-ก.ย) และ 500บาท(ต.ค-ก.พ)

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